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Drop-off and Pick-up


Teachers and staff have many duties and responsibilities before and after school hours, and are not typically available to provide supervision. Your teacher will let you know your preschool's starting and ending times. Please bring your child on time so he/she can feel like he/she is a part of the group.  If you provide transportation to and from school for your child (rather than having them ride the bus), please be certain to pick up your child on time! It is very upsetting to your child to be left at school when everyone else has gone home.

As a general ‘rule of thumb,’ parents are allowed 10 minutes to pick up their child after their preschool session is over. If a parent is repeatedly late, interventions to correct this will occur:

  • First Late Pick Up: Parents will be given a verbal reminder from the Preschool teacher.  A note will be kept on file in the child’s record documenting the first reminder.

  • Second Late Pick Up: Parents will receive a written reminder from the Preschool teacher. A note will be kept on file in the child’s record, documenting the second reminder.

  • Third Late Pick Up: Parents will be contacted directly by Preschool Director Jill Tatton. Mrs. Tatton will schedule an appointment with the parents to meet with her and discuss a plan for correcting the situation.


If you are going to be late picking up your child due to a family emergency, please notify the school office by contacting JUDY SWEENEY at 435-259-5628.  If you are unable to contact Mrs. Sweeney by phone, please call your child’s teacher, Classroom 1 435-719-4739 (Ms. Brandi) or Classroom 2 – 719-4857 (Ms. Karena).

The teacher will call emergency contact phone numbers if your child has not been picked up within 10 minutes of class ending. 

Child Protective Services may be called if your child has not been picked up after 30 minutes.

Children will only be released to individuals listed on the “authorized pick-up” list. Prior arrangements can also be made with your teacher to have someone else, with proper identification, pick up your child.  Each child must have an authorized person sign them in and sign them out. If anyone is prohibited from picking up your child, please provide proof with a copy of the court document.