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GPS Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Grand Preschool provides a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, a positive self-image, and a love of learning.


Grand County School District Goals - Board Accountability Requests

2023 – 2028

Goal 1: Student Achievement: All GCSD students shall meet district, state, and national standards of education by receiving best practices and research-based instruction.            

Goal 2:  Financial Efficiency: GCSD will continue to promote, develop and implement positive fiduciary programs and policies to ensure district financial efficiency, stability, and growth.

Goal 3:  Promoting the General Well-Being of Students:  GCSD staff shall strive to refine and implement a  system of positive academic, social/emotional, and behavioral support for students. 

Goal 4: Promoting School and Community Unity:  GCSD staff shall continue to develop and emphasize an invitational school culture at each site and share this culture with the larger Moab community.

Goal 5: Effective, Transparent, and Informed Board:  GCSD Board shall strive to be an effective, transparent, and informed Board.