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Attendance Matters

Please make the most of this opportunity in your child’s education! 

Research demonstrates that students with excessive absences have much lower rates of school success than those who practice regular attendance. During this critical period of development in your child’s life, it is especially important for him/her to be at school consistently.

If you know that your child will be absent due to illness or for any other reason, please contact Judy Sweeney at 435-259-5628 either the night before or first thing in the morning. Judy will then contact your child’s bus driver (if he/she is a bus rider) and let them know that your child will not need to bus service on that day.

At Grand Preschool, there is always a ‘Wait List’ of families who have requested enrollment for their child, but have been declined due to lack of space and staffing. For this reason, if your child is absent for 10 days, or 40% of the month, without the parent providing notification to the school, your child may be unenrolled from the program. This allows other children an opportunity for an Early Childhood educational experience.