Want to give back to your school district? Become a substitute!

Have you ever considered becoming a substitute? 
Right now our district only has 2 substitutes for four schools! That's one for every 50 teachers! A lot of people think of becoming a substitute as a full time job, but here in Utah, if you want to help you don't need an education degree to be a sub and we could use caring considerate people to give back in the classroom. 
Subs are given detailed plans, are given orientations by administration and staff who are grateful for their time and help. If you're a parent or grandparent, a retiree, if you care about your community and it's kids, please put your name in and come in for even one afternoon a month! 
Listen more about the need for subs on our story at KZMU: https://www.kzmu.org/tuesday-september-27-2022/