COVID-19 Update

In an effort to keep the community informed, GCSD is letting you know that yesterday we were informed that one high school student tested positive for COVID-19.  That student has been quarantined and has been cleared to return to school.  Also, one HMK student tested positive.  That student has also been quarantined and has been cleared to return to school. Finally, one HMK staff member tested positive (the student and teacher are in different grade levels and different classes) and is currently quarantined.  In every case, the parents of each student in the impacted classes has been notified.  The buildings have been thoroughly sanitized and classes are continuing.  GCSD appreciates the efforts of all students, staff and parents to wear masks.  Please continue wearing masks, particularly at extra-curricular activities.  We know wearing masks makes a huge difference and the adults in the Moab community set the example for our students.