A Change of Plan! As with so many aspects of education during the pandemic, Grand Preschool has changed our remote learning plan.

Grand Preschool is not offering a remote learning component.

Research regarding best practices in early childhood learning does not support the use of online or remote learning in place of an in person educational experience. A remote teaching and learning option will only be available if Grand Preschool is required to enforce another soft closure. In the event of another school closure, students who are already enrolled will be scheduled into a variety of teaching-learning activities, which may include, but are not limited to; live video with the preschool teacher, interactive games and/or tasks in Class DoJo, online worksheets, recorded video and videos provided through the Class DoJo program. Remote learning would be offered Monday-Thursday.

What if my child has an IEP?

For parent(s) of students ages 3-4 who have been identified as eligible for special education services, and who have an Individual Education Plan, the option of remote learning is the choice of the parent. If a parent elects the option of remote learning, special education services will be determined for each student individually by his/her IEP team.